Hunting conditions can be tough on your hair and skin. Scent armor helps reduce human odor while protecting you from the elements.

  • Protect and Blend

    Help your skin stay hydrated and moisturized out in the elements with our Earth + Pine hand and body lotion. Mask your human scent by applying head to toe including your hair and beard. Our cover spray is skin, hair and fabric safe also in our signature scent of Earth + Pine.

  • Neutralize and Cover

    Our signature scent with the addition of activated charcoal is what helps our soap, body wash, shampoo, conditioner & deodorant absorb and neutralize odor. 

  • Proven Results

    Everyone knows you can't eliminate all human odor, but you can reduce your scent to a level that deer and other game animals don't interpret as a threat. With scent eliminating ingredients and added natural cover scents, Scent Armor helps you beat their number one defense.

Bundle & Save